If you people have been following the Euro 2004 soccer tournament, you would agree with me that this tournament so far has been the tournament of the underdogs. What with the lowly Danes holding the stylish Italians to a goalless draw and not to forget the highly underrated Greeks keeping the Spanish Conquistadors at bay with a 1-1 draw.

Well, if this tournament is an indicator of things to come, I fancy my chances at IIM Indore. As usual, whenever people talk of management education in India and more specifically about the IIMs, the first institute that comes to their mind is IIM Ahmedabad, and maybe IIM Calcutta as well. Not to take away from the fact that IIM Bangalore has been making rapid strides and has maybe actually caught up with its illustrious cousins. But hey, everyone forgets that there are three more IIMs in the country. And like I mentioned before since I am officially part of IIM Indore, I shall take it upon myself to make sure the underdogs give the big guns a run for their money.

If any of my batchmates at Indore are reading this, they know that I am not kidding when I say that the comparisons that are carried out between the IIM-As, IIM-Bs and IIM-Cs with the ‘smaller IIMs’ like Lucknow, Indore and Kozhikode really pisses off the students of the latter three institutes. Its high time something was done about this and guys, we ve got a golden opportunity to set things right. So gear up for an exciting two years at Indore. It is time for the underdogs to fight back !!!




  1. Hey Jam, you seem to be a bit worked up. But then, hey! people’s perspective doesnt mean a dime. If we are great, we are great. Dont think too much abt rankings et all. We are just gonna have a blast. And we are gonna learn a lot. And thats what matters in the end.Reached Indore? Me starting this friday. Ciao!

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