I know this is quite a controversial topic, but then my present circumstances are such that I really need to share my views on this topic irrespective of whether I am right or wrong. My Grandpa is on his deathbed right now. After living a hale and healthy life for the past 90 years, he has been suffering a lot for the past one and a half months. As of now, he is a state of semi-coma, ie, he is completely conscious, but then he is completely disoriented. He doesn’t know what is happening around him, who is with him, what time of the day it is, etc. For the past 45 days, he has suffered more than anybody’s wildest imagination.

In this context, I am of the opinion that something like Euthanasia should be legalized, at least in special cases in India. I am not quite aware, but I ve heard of a few European countries where this practice is prevalent, with the approval of the Apex Court. If that is the case, India should also adopt the same practice. Euthanasia is probably the only way, which ensures a decent death for a person who has incurable diseases, or plain and simple suffers from old age, like my Grandpa. There is absolutely no way of preventing or delaying the process of ageing, coz that is the way nature has made us humans and I have absolutely no problems with that. But then I am also of the opinion that every human deserves a decent death, if that is possible.

Like I mentioned earlier, maybe this is too controversial or gory a topic to be discussed, but then someone has to do it.



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