We ve all heard and read about time management and maybe, just maybe some of us have tried our hand at it, but I m telling all you people out there, you have no idea of it until you end up in a situation like I m finding myself in right now!!!

Typical schedule reads something like this:

0645 hrs Get up and start doing your mundane daily activities like brushing your teeth, washing your face, etc, etc

0700 hrs After a nice refreshing climb up some 40 odd steep steps, do some stretching exercises and some yogasanas, which are supposed to relieve your stress.

0820 hrs Come running down all those steps to bathe and get ready for classes which begin at 0900 hrs.

0840 hrs Have your first meal of the day. Most of the days I don t even notice what I m eating as long as I m eating it.

0900 hrs After another painstaking climb up some 45 odd steep stairs, sit in class and wait for the Professor to walk into class.

1300 hrs After four long hours of classes, with around three 15 minute breaks in between, try and comprehend what just hit you.

1315 hrs Have your second meal of the day. You might actually enjoy this if you are inclined to do so.

1400 hrs Back in your room planning what to do in terms of assignments handed out in the day’s classes, pre-reading material for the next day’s classes, or maybe even catch up on some sleep.

1630 hrs Go down to the mess for some snacks and tea. Catch up with a few people you almost forgot existed in the campus with you.

1700 hrs Come back to your room and get back to the books, or the computer to do your presentations or your assignments.

2030 hrs Go down to the mess to have your last meal for the day. Once again this just serves as a filler in between all the hard work.

2130 hrs Back in your room wondering how to prioritize all the tasks that you have to finish before 0600 hrs the next morning.

0330 hrs Try and catch up with that elusive concept called sleep. If you are lucky enough, you can do that for the next three hours.

This is just a typical day. There could be days where even those three hours are taken away for other things like Management Festival organizing committees and the all important Placement Committee.

For all those people who like giving gyaan about Time Management and using all 24 hours in a day, I hereby extend a warm welcome to IIM Indore to experience it first hand.



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