Here’s news straight from IIM I News Service. This guy has an awesome way with words. Here goes,

Just when you thought everything in the world was as predictable as the

timing of the Eco quiz, there comes an unimaginable situation that hits

you.. not because of its intensity but because of the element of surprise..

People, one such event happened right under our nose today evening in the

volleyball court. Hold your breath.. A-Block actually (yes actually) won the

Volley ball match against the D-block!! No.. This is not a rumour. It’s a

hard fact collected by our correspondent on site. As unbelievable as it may

sound.. It’s True!

Well, jokes apart, A-block played well and beat the stocking out of the D

spikers. It seemed like an easy win for D-blockers when they won the first

set comfortably. But then guys from Acropolis struck back telling blows.

They took three sets in a row and in the process almost choked the D-team.

The boosting of Jus-key and the smashing of Hatim was aptly supported by

powerful serving by Udatta and great field work by Saket, Prasoon, Govar,

Rohan and Gagan.

D-block’s injury worries continued with Arun busting his knee. Wish him a

speedy recovery.

Special thanks to Sishu and Tandon for unbiased and accurate refereeing. Do

let us know when you need a return favor 🙂

Well, that’s about it for now.. More action coming up mid of next week. This

time, its gonna be cricket. And make no mistake A-blockers, the Dementors

are waiting to strike back. So be on your guard or be dead.

Logging off.

IIMI News Service.

Good stuff, eh !!!



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