IIM Indore News Service

Guys and gals, here s the latest scoop from the IIM Indore News Service. Enjoy…….

Hello guys, gals and the rest.

Time for another nerve-wrecking, spine-tingling, nail-biting encounter

between the two bitter rivals.. the Armageddons and the Daemones. This time,

they are fighting it out in the ancient fight-to-death game of Krih-ket.

While you are sleeping cozily under wraps in this beautiful weather, 20

people in this world are worried if they are even going to see the moon

tomorrow! Yes people, life on Planet-I is not as nice as you would make

yourself believe.. Read each name below carefully.. Some of them maybe your

brothers or even sisters.. Be there in the Arena to pray for them. Pray that

they win and be spared of the wrath of their countrymen.

Presenting. The ARMAGEDDONS.

Rohan Lara, the Prince

Ravi McGrath, the Mean

Ranjit Ponting, the Scheming

Hatim Akram, the Learned

Gagan Lee, the Killer

Rahul Sehwag, the Terrorist

Rajat Dravid, the Wall

Mayank Hughes, the Monster

Sachin Kallis, the Aul in one

Saket Khan, the Swinger



Prem ka Pujari – the Sorcerer

Maa ki Aankh – the Bomber

Juggernaut – the Demolition Man

Vander Myder – the Sniper

Sab ka Baap – the Decimator

Aurangzeb (todo) – the Master Blaster

Misra – the Bulldozer

Sir Paul – the Steamroller

Dee-buck – the Swashbuckler

Peer-cash – the Side winder

Arena: The Lords

Date: 27th July 2004

Time: 5:00 PM

So if you support either of the teams, be there to pray for them. If not, be

there just for the sadistic pleasure of watching ’em fight for their lives..

Much like back home in Rome. To add more spice to the already dizzying

event, we will have a panel of commentators specially imported from

Yorkshire, giving their expert comments on the proceedings. We will also

have on our panel a couple of ladies to give their perspective of the whole


That’s about it from the News desk for now. See you there at the Arena.. On


IIMI News Service

Fine Print

Important Notice: In case of unforeseen and unfortunate events like a

surprise quiz or rain, the contest will be either held partially or be

cancelled completely tomorrow. Our reader fraternity will be kept informed

in case of any such force de majeure.

Statutory Warning: This event is not to be witnessed by any person who is

weak of heart or is known to have even the slightest hint of High Blood

Pressure. This event will set your pulse racing at dizzying speeds. So

please exercise discretion only if you are known to have heart problems.


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