If you thought I was kidding about the seriousness of Counter Strike back here, read on:

Hi folks,

Since the IIMI news service isn’t covering the “most happening” game of the season, we players (read ‘frag’gers) have decided to update the populace with the details. Yeah, we know you are dying to hear.

We had the Numero Uno of the PGP1 vs. PGP2 CounterStrike (CS) matches yesterday and today. The good news is: we won 3-2 yesterday, playing as the bad guys. The bad news is: we lost 0-5 today (or yesterday, or whatever!) playing as the good guys. Yeah, the bad guys won everytime.

The titans of the season (in alphabetical order)

CS Nick True name Description

Kidakaka Ajinkya Drinks blood and eats flesh

Prem ka Pujari (Wed) Amit Prem The sneaky one. Loves dark, freaky corners

Hypnos Amit Sharma The slaughter prince

Aki (Tuesday alone) Ankit The eraser

Saving Ryan’s Private Ashwin The undertaker

Spetnaz Reloaded Govar An insane, unruly mind

Jamster (Tuesday) Jam The jumbo ‘jack’er

Witchking Jasdeep Frags for a time pass

Maa ki Ankh Jitender The bad guy

Juggernaut Pankaj Kapur A Hitler clone. Just loves killing

Sabka Baap Pankaj Maderna Hobby: Crushing heads

Aurangazeb Prashant Goyal The furtive one, with a perpetual, algolagnic grin

The Don Ranjith The dodgy decimator

Van Der Maut Saurabh Arya The bone crusher

Phantom Srickant The cold assassin

The Big ‘V’ Varun Kabra The hell raiser

We lost overall, but hey! It’s just a start. Loads of experience is in their favor, and we’ve just started. But trust us, we showed yesterday that we mean serious business.

Latest update: We’ve decided to hold the fragging till the midterms since too much of blood has already been spilled. 😉 So, all you guys might get some reprieve from the everlasting gunfire!

Bye from the CS team till the firing starts on the frontline!

Ciao. Team CS.

I guess this reiterates the fact that Counter Strike is nothing short of a religion back here.



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