Its truly amazing what a good friend can do to you.

All I did was log on to Yahoo Messenger and there she was !!! Being the true friend she was, all she did was patiently listen to me blurt out all my troubles and travails with Quant and HBW.

At the end of it all now I feel relieved that all my tensions (or at least most of them) are out of my system. It feels like I relieved my system of all toxins. Now I m refreshed for the next round of exams. So Hariya and Pani, watch out, here I come !!!!

Hopefully all you guys reading this have some good friends whose shoulder you can lean upon when u desperately need one. Coz like someone said “We can t choose our parents, or our family, the one thing that we can actually choose are our friends. And that s why friends are forever !!!!”



One thought on “GOOD FRIENDS –

  1. hi jai;i remotely connect myself to tat name pani…is it by any chance u referred to me??anyway no worries da…u r always the man!!i knew it u had it in u do b a blogger and at atlast my prayers havent be wasted…go on ur way the shit outta evryone…blog blog until u succeed..bloggers keepers,non-bloggers weepers…as u blog,so u shall succeed!!wow!! ters my whole new adage gor bloggers..wheeee!!anyway jai..i stil think that u r really wonderful person,with cool sense of humour and also nice smile to match with it!!

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