Well, as the title says it all, here’s some hot and happening stuff for all you people to digest. Here goes a few snippets from my spiral bound reading material for BEHAVIOURS AND THEORIES OF ORGANISATIONS:

—-The choice of metaphor shapes what we see, and how we see it.

—-Metaphors both facilitate understanding and constrain it.

—-The purpose of exploring new metaphors of organization is to generate new insight and prompt new questions.

—-In practice, we blend metaphors in order to shape understanding and perception.

—–The notion of organization itself is a metaphor.

—–Metaphoric thinking has been criticized as unscientific.

—-Metaphoric thinking helps us recognize the limits of our understanding. We can never see the whole of anything.

Now that all of us have read the above points, will someone please take the trouble of interpreting the above script and mail me at at the earliest. I still am in the daze of having read what I read and am wondering if all future readings of BTO is going to be anything like this.

Dazed and lost……………..Jamster


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