It really is quite amazing how we as human beings adapt to situations around us. Not too long ago, I used to resemble a sloth bear when it came to sleep patterns. There was hardly a day which went by in which I didn’t sleep for at least 8-10 hours. And here I am now sitting and typing out this blog in the wee hours of the morning. I’m surprised at how I am actually able to survive on this amount of sleep.

I guess this is what Charles Darwin was referring to when he coined the term “Survival of the fittest”. Things have reached a point where sleep has actually become only an accessory rather than a necessity.

Since I have touched upon the topic of sleep, here goes some trivia about the sleeping patterns of some mammals:

Average amount of sleep per day for mammals

2 hrs giraffe

3 hrs donkey, horse, roe deer

4 hrs elephant, goat, sheep, cow

7 hrs dolphin

8 hrs humans, rabbit, pig, guinea pig

9 hrs mole, dog

10 hrs chimpanzee, rhesus monkey, squirrel monkey, baboon, hedgehog

11 hrs beaver, fox, jaguar,

12 hrs gorilla

13 hrs chinchilla, wolf, raccoon, rat, mouse

14 hrs hamster, gorillas

15 hrs cat, squirrel, chipmunk, gerbil rat

17 hrs owl monkey (the primate that sleeps the most!)

19 hrs opossum

20 hrs bat

I guess this means I’m somewhere between donkeys and goats. Hmmm, that’s food for thought !!!!

Mamally yours…………Jamster


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