Man on the moon !!!

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and the third guy who walked on the moon (I forget his name!!!), watch out, you’ve got company.

It is a lesser known fact that most people in Indore have already walked on the moon and do so on a regular basis.

In case most of you are wondering whether I have had a bit too much to drink or something like that let me clarify myself. See, the only thing that differentiates the moon from earth are the craters (other than the obvious differences in temperatures, gravity, etc).

Before I lose all of you guys here, let me get to the point. I had the (mis)fortune of going into Indore city today. The situation is that we conned the guys who won the elections viz the posts of Academic Committee, Placement Committee, Mess Committee and Media Committee (Apna, Seth, Rajes and Ajay respectively) to take a few of us guys out for a lunch treat.

Well there we were Venky and me on a Pulsar riding away to glory on the lovely asphalted Khandwa Bypass Road, we take a turn to get into the city and there we were amidst all the craters !!! Man, I’m quite sure that even if we get a telescope out here and conduct a comprehensive survey of the number of craters on the moon, the moon would lose out to the number of craters on the roads of Indore.

It’s quite an experience to negotiate those craters, some of them the size of a football field (well, maybe that was an exaggeration!!!) In any case, on the way back the craters effectively ensured that all the lovely food that I ate was more than half way through the digestive system. All the jerking and bumping ensured that I didn’t fall off to sleep behind Venky.

In any case, barring the awesome craters, the way back offered an amazing experience. We were lucky enough to avoid the persistent drizzle that seems to have enveloped the whole of this city for the past 15 days or so. And on the Khandwa Bypass Road, which is awesome just for the sheer experience it offers two wheelers, Venky just hit the gas and we were flying at around 85 Kms/hr. The wind that was blowing against our faces was truly amazing. The bike couldn’t clock any faster speeds simply because of the wind resistance. Truly awesome feeling the wind on my face, at that speed, at that place where everything around you is green !!!

Yours truly…………Jamster


One thought on “Man on the moon !!!

  1. The gaddi I was negotiating thru the craters got punctured man!!! And poor Mesky and Aki had to wait for it to get it fixed. But it was fun man!! The tam food after a long time and fairly good for that matter.Nice blog jam.. Saw it first time today 🙂

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