Blood donation and related memories

It’s actually been a long time since I’ve donated blood. Well, better late than never. There is this Blood Donation Camp organized at IIM Indore, and can there ever be one without the Jamster donating his blood!!!

So, there I was waiting in line to donate my blood and slowly memories of the last time I donated blood came back to me. It was back in Bangalore when I was standing in the College Quadrangle when the announcement came that B –ve blood was needed urgently at Mallige Hospital.

Since I had B –ve blood, I immediately rushed to the hospital with a friend of mine and donated my blood. Somehow a relative of the patient came to know that somebody has come across to donate blood and immediately rushed over to the Blood Bank of the hospital.

He insisted that I meet the patient personally so that the patient could thank me. What I saw there was truly inspiring. A young man of around 28-29 yrs old was lying on the bed with a genuine smile on his face. He told me that he had met with an accident sometime ago and was in the recuperative phase. What shocked me the most was him narrating the fact that he couldn’t use both his legs because of the accident. He narrated this to me and my friend very matter-of-factly. He needed the blood for an operation which was going to be conducted on him the same day. He was extremely optimistic about the whole thing. His spirit for life truly inspired me and taught me how to keep fighting no matter how the odds were stacked against you.

Inspiringly yours………..Jamster


2 thoughts on “Blood donation and related memories

  1. Adei Jam payya, these kinda popstts…. cross postt them in ilife as well. Nice things these. And, anyway, abt my updating blogs, have been updating only once in 3-5 days all this while. Dont really see anny urgency now. 🙂

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