"Uncertain" are the way things work !!!

It’s quite amazing how things have a way of leading from one to another without any rhyme or reason. Here’s a chain of events which I personally found very funny.

First Venky and me decide to get into Indore to get his Demand Draft to pay up the second term fees. On the way I stop at a footwear store and give my shoes for repair. We reach ICICI Bank where we are asked to wait for half an hour before we actually get the DD. We therefore decide to take a stroll and look for a laundry bag which I’ve needed for some time. We hadn’t had any breakfast and therefore stop at a small hole-in-the-wall for some Kachoris and Chai. Awesome kachoris, the best I’ve had in Indore so far.

After refreshing ourselves, we set off looking for the laundry bag again. Suddenly I spot a Pantaloon Factory Outlet. I remember that I’m suffering with only two pairs of trousers to wear to class. So I get in there, quickly choose one pair of khakis. But then I’m tempted and decide to buy two pairs. The shopkeeper decides to tell me that if I buy two pairs for the full price, I’ll get two t-shirts free. I’ve been telling Venky for a few days now that I needed to buy some full t-shirts. So there I was, buying two pairs of trousers and two t-shirts at the same time.

We return to the bank, collect the DD. On the way back, Venky remembers that I’ve broken my alarm clock and stops at the nearest Titan Showroom. I buy a nice looking alarm clock which has a cascading ring tone, ie, it keeps progressively increasing. If that is not going to wake me up, nothing else can.

Finally, we were on our way back. What started off as a trip to get a simple DD ended up being a decent shopping trip. Like I said earlier, we never know how one thing leads to another. That is the beauty of the uncertain lives we all lead.

‘Uncertainly’ yours…………..Jamster

One thought on “"Uncertain" are the way things work !!!

  1. And you forgot to get the umbrella i was asking you to get.<fumes>ChandooPS: on the lighter note, your post reminded me about the deadline for fees. Will go to bank tomorrow. 😀

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