The Olympics and India

Here is the first external contribution to my blog. This is an article from my friend Narahari Kapadikar aka Nari:

The Olympics Games are a celebration of human effort, endurance and skill. The Games truly reflect the nature of its people and the efforts by the various participating countries. Dominance of the Games by China, Australia and the US is a reflection of the economic power and will of the nation to succeed in every field including sports.

If the Olympics are a measure of a country’s success, then India is the last one to cross the finishing line and in many cases not present to even have a sneak peak at the finishing line. As a nation and that too a nation with great history and heritage, we miserably fail in motivating and providing resources to generate truly world class sporting professionals. The likes of Michael Phelps and Ian Thorpe are not a product of great talent or the genetic lottery but a culmination of effort and endurance sustained by amazingly simple infrastructure and the sheer will power of nations to achieve sporting glory.

There will never be a Olympic success for India, at least not in the next 50 years. Neither do we have the resources to throw behind sports nor do we have the willingness to do it.

I prefer to watch Ian Thorpe fight it out against Michael Phelps rather than let my patriotism take a backseat on the hockey field.

Australia, add one more supporter to your 20 million population. Many more (nearly 1.2 billion) waiting to defect in the supporters’ game…………..


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