Acads – Back on track

Back on track is the only way I would describe today’s happenings in the academic world today. As usual we had a session of Accounting which can only be described as vague and useless. To add fuel to the fire, we had two quizzes. One of them was in class, the last ten minutes of BTO was a lovely quiz which tested our “farting quotient”, as I’d like to refer to it. At 1500 hrs, or D Hour, as we refer to it, we had a Eco Quiz. Both quizzes were quite OK, I guess, or in any case I’ll know in two days time when the marks arrive.

Otherwise, things are pretty normal. Yesterday, we, ie, Venky, Arvind Raju and me unsuccessfully tried to complete a crossword sent by the Economics and International Business Club which took up almost 2 hours of our time. In any case, it was worth the effort. We finally missed the prize by around 4 wrong answers. But good learning nevertheless.

Signing off………….Jamster


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