Say Cheese !!!!

I just finished reading the book WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? And man, am I impressed or what? It’s such a simple book but with such a powerful message that it is quite unbelievable.

The book basically deals with change and its inevitability. It goes on to tell the story of two littlemen and two mice who find that someone has moved their cheese and how they deal with the same situation differently. I could go on and describe the story in detail but I wouldn’t be doing SPENCER JOHNSON any justice. So what I suggest all of you guys reading this blog is to immediately get a copy of the book and read it as soon as possible. It’s around 40 pages long and you can peacefully finish the book in less than an hour.

So go ahead and read the book. I’m waiting for your comments on the same.

Cheesily yours……….Jamster


One thought on “Say Cheese !!!!

  1. Hhmm.. I read this book some 3 yrs back. But my views are different. I didnt much like this book… but then, I never liked “How to win”, ‘The Alchemist’ etc. So, no way i would like this. Tastes differ. 🙂

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