Tribute to a Goddess

Some things never change – like my unadulterated adulation for AISHWARYA RAI. I just watched the movie “Kyon Ho Gaya Na” and man, was she something in that.

Not just the looks but also the emotive part of her appeals to me so much. I dunno why but somehow I relate to her so so much that it is quite unreal. When she smiles I smile, and when she cries, I cry along with her. Part of the reason that she appeals to me so much is probably the fact that she was my first teen goddess, ie, she was the first beauty that I started worshipping when I was a teenager.

Like good wine matures with age, so does her beauty. From being just good looking, she has moved to being an amazing actress and her beauty, well, like I said it, she’s like good wine. The older she gets, the more amazing she looks.

Crazily yours………….Jamster


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