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People, I know I’m taking the shortcut out by copying this piece, but then there’s no way I would be able to do justice by typing it out myself. So, here goes the latest news update from the IIM I News Service:

Nietzche once said, “Madness is the exception in individuals but the rule in groups.” Well, that nicely sums up the intensity of rivalry between the Aristocrats and the Bohemians. Yes, we are passionate to the extent of madness and are proud about it. We fight and fight hard. And don’t stop till the enemy is decimated; No, not even for the sake of humanity.

That said, Planet-I saw two hard fought wars in the last week alone. What made it all the more interesting was the fact that at the end of it, both sections were still at par, with one win each. The report follows…

The Real heroes of the Unreal arena

The Bohemians were at their aggressive best in the ethereal world of Counter-Strike war that was fought with the equally passionate Aristocrats. The war was fought over two days with seven battles on Tuesday night and three battles on late Saturday. The Bohemians, who arguably have the best CS talent on Planet-I, were lead by amazing show of the instinct to kill by the likes of the born-killer Shaving Ryan’s Private (Ash-win), the mysterious Witch King (Jassi), Kida-kaka (Prasad) of the holocaust fame, the man on guard Maa-ki-Aankh (Jitu), the ghost-who-walks Phantom (Srikant), the demi-demon Hypnos and of course the resident evil Sexy legs (Abhijeet).

The Aristocrats too had some of the best fighters of “I” like catch-me-if-you-can Aragorn (Maiti), the power-killer Juggernaut (Kapur), the scalp-hunter Osama Bin Laden(Arya), the killing-machine Spetnaz (Govar), the poisonous Ko-Bra (Hardik), the V-are-the-world Big V(Varun) and of course the I-don’t-kill-no-one Prem Ka Pujari(PremC)

Though Aristocrats tried hard all through, they were beaten fair and square by the merciless Bohemians. While the Aristocrats had amazing tactics, the Bohemians had a well-planned strategy and were even better at tactics. At the end of the day, the Bohemians won 8-2, by far the biggest margin in the CS wars. But friends, make no mistake, the Aristocrats are down but not yet out. They are going to come back and come back hard on your face. So be on your guard or be dead.

A different ball game

Just when the Bohemians were beginning to think they were invincible, the Aristocrats gave them a rude shock in the field of cricket. In another exciting encounter of cricket in the now famous Wanderers stadium, the Aristocrats beat the Bohemians all ends up though the final score line of 2-1 seems it was close.

Section A batted first in the first match and right away the Aristocrats made their intentions known with a solid partnership between PremC and Pal. Pal was at his usual brilliance while PremC, who was unfortunately deemed run-out in a controversial decision, supported him well. Others played around them to notch up a respectable 53. The Bohemians, especially Rohan and Kandara, were then restricted tactfully by Pal and other bowlers and in the end, Section B lost by 15 runs.

The second match showed why Section B has the reputation it has. Batting first, they notched up a defendable 40. Kandara and Rohan were again at the forefront though with the help of some missed chances in the outfield. Pal and Maderna bowled well to stem the flow of runs. But the Aristocrats were not able to do justice to their batting though the fall was mainly due to some brilliant bowling by Jitu and a stunning one-handed catch by Kandara. Samyak fought on but it was too little too late. Section B won by more than 10 runs.

The decider was as usual stirring, with emotions running high. Section A batted first but the beginning was poor. Both Pal and PremC were back in the pavilion with just 11 runs in 4 overs. But as they say, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”, Arya carried the rear-guard action on his shoulders by smashing 16 runs off the last over and taking the total to a respectable 27. Batting to reach the target, Section B never looked in the race. Pal had somehow reserved his best for the final and his medium-pace absolutely foxed the Bohemians. Both Rohan and Kandara were back before long and the rest of the batting fell apart like nine pins. Section A won by a huge margin even in this low scoring game.

So people, the moral of the story is, “Underestimate anyone on Planet-I at your own risk.”

Well, that’s about it for now. Hope you have a bright day else make sure you keep the lights on all day long.


IIMI News Service


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