Riddles and crosswords

Riddle me this, riddle me that………… These words were immortalized by the Riddler in Batman Forever.

We haven’t had any riddles yet, but in the past week we’ve had two amazing Crosswords to solve. One of them was sent by the Economics and the International Business Club and the other by Equiti – The Finance Club. And man, were they awesome or what!!!

They not just tested our Economics and Finance knowledge but also brought our Googling skills to the fore. In spite of the fact that I logically ought to relatively know more about both of the above crosswords, being a commerce graduate, they not only flummoxed me but also ensured that I lost quite a bit of sleep even after I’d submitted them.

End result, lots of learning, loss of sleep and no prizes to show for it. But then, it was worth the effort. Kudos to Venkat and Arvind for putting up with me during those two crosswords.

Puzzledly yours…………Jamster

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