Raksha Bandhan

Today was Raksha Bandhan and I was feeling kind of left out watching most of the guys back here tying rakhees on their wrists. They had received those lovely rakhees from their sisters and cousins back home. Although I have never had a sister, or even had a rakhee tied on my wrist, I was feeling kind of weird. I guess those rakhees represented more than just a sister’s love for a brother. They represented home, people who love you and care for you. So there I was, stuck in a place where there was no one to love me!!!

But then I never realized that I had a pleasant surprise awaiting me in my Yahoo mailbox. One of my cousins, with whom I’ve only recently developed a nice relationship with, had sent me a sweet e-card. She had actually sent me an e-rakhee. Thank God for the wonders of information technology and the internet. It alleviates the worries of mere mortals like me who are love-starved. And the icing on the cake was the fact that she was on Yahoo Messenger after a while, which gave me the opportunity to actually thank her for the lovely gesture on her part, and reinforce my love for her.

Brotherly yours………….Jamster


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