Matches and heaven !!!

Well, they say marriages are made in heaven. I tend to agree with that statement simply because of the fact that two of my very good friends have ended up marrying in the funniest of circumstances.

The first relates to a friend of mine who met her husband when she was doing her articled training. In spite of the fact that she knew the guy since her childhood and had practically grown up with him, it took something as mundane as Chartered Accountancy and a statutory audit for both of them to realize that they were made for each other.

The second relates to an occasion where my friend met up with her future hubby at a family get together. They were celebrating a common grand-uncle’s 70th birthday. For heaven’s sake, that would be the last place one would expect to meet ones’ better half. But then as I said earlier, matches are made in heaven and there’s nothing that we as mere mortals can do about that.

Here’s hoping that all our matches have already been fixed and that we come across our better (or otherwise) halves soon.

Straight from the heavens………….Jamster


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