‘Future backwards’ rather than ‘present forwards’

These were the key words with which Mr Adi Godrej began his guest talk at IIM Indore today. Continuing with the series of awesome speakers that we’ve had here at IIM Indore, we were lucky enough to get hear the Chairman of the Godrej group of companies.

Since there was no formal agenda for the talk, the topics ranged from some of the performance measurement initiatives implemented by Godrej to certain aspects of strategic planning measures followed by the group.

Some of the topics discussed were

– The concept of Economic Value Addition as a financial instrument used to measure the effectiveness of companies in delivering value to its shareholders and stake holders.

– Performance linked variable pay, which would extend beyond one bonus period, as a measure to sustain employee productivity and efficiency.

– The use of multi-functional teams in the strategic planning process of the various group companies of Godrej.

– The clear cut distinction drawn between the familial objectives of the Godrejs and the group businesses.

Like I mentioned before, it is truly awesome to have people like Adi Godrej coming down here and sharing a few of his valuable experiences with future managers like us.

A truly inspired management student……………..Jamster


One thought on “‘Future backwards’ rather than ‘present forwards’

  1. hi jamster nice blog seems 2 me u truly let ur emotions off on the blog! something i m trying to learn.may God bless all u bskool bloggers with enuf time so that u can post ur experiences online and motivate lotsa wannabes like meadios amigorohit

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