One way to waste a perfectly good Sunday

This just simply has to have been the most unproductive Sunday of my life so far. Got up at around 12.40, went ahead and had some lunch. Came back to my room only to discover a pile of dirty clothes. So promptly picked them all up, went to the laundry room and loaded them into the trusty BPL Fully Automatic Washing machine.

Then very reluctantly decided that I needed to bathe. Did that, came back to my room for my usual afternoon nap, which went on till around 5 PM. Got up, went to the mess, had some Paani Puri.

Was thinking of what to do next when a mail comes along inviting people to JAM, ie, Just-a-minute session at 6 PM. So my itenary is decided till around 7-8 PM at least, after which it’ll be time for dinner. There goes my Sunday down the drain, and all this just 9 days before end-term. Even God can’t help me with my grades this term. In any case, all you people reading this, please pray for me.

Lazily yours………..Jamster

One thought on “One way to waste a perfectly good Sunday

  1. I got up at 1.30 (beat me!), came from lunch, listened and memorized a couple Floyd songs (howz this), read newspaper for an hour, read MM, snacks, went to JAM (and gave u lot of points :-P), then dinner, then blogging. Holy shit… its gonna be a long day today! Pray for me too.

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