Spiritualism and materialism

Who would’ve thought that the two of them would go together. But then, funny are the ways of life.

Today was Janmashtami, and surprisingly, the Cultural Committee, or CulCom as we fondly refer to them decided that it was time to give spirituality and religion a chance. And lo behold, more than 60 of the most materialistic guys and girls, who could only talk about placements, CVs, and cost-to-company figures, suddenly turn up in white kurta pyjamas and start singing bhajans.

Who says that the future of India is bleak. With people like us, who know where to draw a line between being spiritualistic and being materialistic, my faith in the future of India is renewed multi-fold.

The bhajans and puja were followed up by a Matka Phod competition between Section A and Section B of PGP-1. For the uninitiated, Matka Phod is an event wherein a human pyramid is formed to break an earthen pot of colored water, which is suspended around 20-25 feet above the ground. Section B proved that they are leagues ahead in this particular form of competition.

However, full points to Section A in the efforts category. They were going at the Matka almost for 15 minutes after Section B had broken theirs. In the end, when Section A finally broke theirs, it was more of a triumph of perseverance rather than strategy.

Confusingly yours………………Jamster

One thought on “Spiritualism and materialism

  1. well well wat do we’ve here !!!! finally it seems 2 me that bskoolers r thinking bout something other than hmm……… “materialism”.hey just joking .nice 2 know that festivals r celebrated in right spirit at iim i .being closer to God means closer to urself.keep blogging adios

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