My "To-do" list for Bangalore

I ll be back home in a few days and here’s a tentative wish list of all the things that I wanna do back at Bangalore:

Have all meals at home, coz man, I’m really missing my mom’s cooking (although I could never stop cribbing when I was back at home!!! Amma, I’m sorry for all the cribbing all these years, it’s taken me IIM Indore to discover how awesome a cook you are!!!)

Have a nice argument with my dad about something or the other. It’s been some time since I’ve been screamed at by him and I miss that.

Have a nice walk with Ganesh and Paddy. Go to the favorite Mallu bakery in the layout, fondly referred to as “Cheta Kadai” which roughly translates into “elder brother’s shop” and have Sulaimani Chai, ie, Lemon Tea Kerala Style, for the uninitiated.

Sit and watch some meaningless TV for around 8-9 hours flat out, not even taking a break to take a leak or anything like that.

Catch up with some old friends who’ve been heartless enough not to mail me during these two and a half months and kick some mean ass on the basketball court with them.

There’s lots more to do, but then these are on the top of my mind for now. Am really looking forward to be back home, at least for a change.



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