A 15 day hiatus

I’m only 30 odd hours away from home, but then I’m filled with a sense of nostalgia about leaving this grand old campus, and more importantly leaving behind this motley crowd of people behind. More specifically I’m gonna miss the camaraderie that happens when we sit in the mess discussing global issues such as grading policies, lecturer quirks such as “could you able to understand”, the stolen winks of sleep, the amazing team work when 4-5 of us pull one guy’s leg, and various other things.

But I’m looking forward to the break simply because of the fact that it gives me an opportunity to look into myself and correct a few fundamental defects. It’s high time that I started doing a few things correctly, and I’m yet to analyse as to how to go about doing that. These 15 days are going to be a serious exercise in self-evaluation and self-improvement. Any suggestions in this regard are welcome.

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Looking forward to the break……………Jamster

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