Lessons , important ones

First lesson learnt, Impression Management. Currently, I look like one of those LeT or JeM militants in terms of facial hair. Unkempt beard, perennial scowl, anti-social behaivior like snapping at people. All of these give the impression that I m trying really hard, and am studying like crazy. Reality:–> I m sitting up till 1 AM and updating my blog, which not many people read anyways.

Second lesson, maximum learning happens when both parties come prepared. So whenever you go to the mess, always carry your pack of trustworthy Gold Flake, or whatever brand you prefer. You ll invariably find some batchies who share your trust in the “holy smokes”, and trust me, these interactions are classy and always have some value-add associated with them.

Third lesson, sleep is a valuable entity and dreams are extinct. All the jargon about Rapid Eye Movements, and dreams being a pre-cursor to reality is all BS to the core. There is no such thing as dreaming, at least not when you barely manage to get 3 hours of sleep in a time slot of 24 hours.

Fourth lesson, spend as much time as you can reading extreme amounts of BS that B Skoolers post on their blogs, prime examples being Govar, Chandoo and Jamster.

MahaBoringly yours……………Jamster


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