First three sessions of Term 2

Today was the first official day of Term 2 of the glorious journey called PGDM at IIM Indore. First impressions about the term were formed the day we registered and got our material. The material seemed to scream lots of reading to be done during this term, and true to the first impressions, the pre-reading to be done before today’s sessions were quite substantial and needless to say, I took the risk of going completely unprepared for two of today’s three sessions, and thank God, I wasn’t pulled up for it.

In any case, here are the first impressions regarding the subjects. MAC 2 comprising of Cost Accounting seems to be quite comprehensive in its coverage and this is going to be the first time that I am going to be exposed to Costing from the viewpoint of a non-Indian author and probably will find it interesting and engrossing enough.

FIN 1 seems like a challenging subject which should keep me busy throughout the term. Considering that I harbor hopes of taking up more than a few Finance related electives in PGP 2, this course is of paramount importance to me personally. Syllabus-wise this course has more than enough in it for me to spend a substantial sleepless nights over it.

Moving on to BTO 2, it is an extension of BTO 1 of Term 1 wherein Organisational Structures and Organisational behavior is discussed in greater detail. We probe into why things happen the way they do in organizations and hopefully make some sense of them and manage them when we actually get into the corporate world.

That’s a brief lowdown of the first three courses of Term 2. More shall follow soon.



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