Frustrations galore !!!

There are times when one just feels like sh**. And today is one of those days when I absolutely feel that way. One feels short-changed when all your efforts, and abilities are not at all noticed and are overlooked just as one overlooks a stray dog on the streets.

I guess this frustrated post is a direct outcome of my fu**all grades in BTO 1 and the fact that life in general is going nowhere but down the drain. But then, looking at it another way, I simply cannot go any lower coz I’ve managed to hit rock-bottom. I’ve always believed in the saying “It doesn’t matter how hard you fall, all that matters is how quickly you bounce back.” Well I guess the time has come for me to bounce back. This is gut check time and hopefully I’ll be back to kick some mean ass in Round 2 of this battle.

Sorry if I bored you with this post, but then I had to vent out these frustrations somewhere.

Frustratingly yours………………..Jamster


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