Sleepy Sunday

We’ve all heard about Freaky Fridays, however mine was a Sleepy Sunday. Slept at around 5.30 AM after a personal screening of THE GREAT ESCAPE, a review of which was posted earlier today. Well, slept for around 7 hrs, got up and had lunch, and promptly dropped off to sleep again, and got up for a second time at around 5.30 PM. Had some tea and sat around and whiled away time talking about Partner’s batchmates at college.

After that reality kicked in and I realised that there were two assignments to be done for tomorrow. So went ahead and did one of them and delegated the other to my trusted Group 1 mates. They’ve finished it by now and as usual we’re among the first groups to actually finish it up.

Am sitting with my BTO2, MAC2 and QT2 readings now, and probably have a looong night ahead of me.

Sleepily yours………………….Jamster


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