Costing co-incidences

We’ve all come across co-incidences in our lives, but then this has to be the weirdest one yet that I’ve personally come across.

First of all in our MAC 2 class, we are told by our professor that we’ve to prepare a “Traditional Costing System vs Activity Based Costing System vs Continuous Process Improvement System” study for a particular industry and submit a comprehensive report and present the same in front of all our batchmates by December 1, 2004.

Then I come back to my room and see a mail from the PGP Office informing us that we have a Guest Lecture on “Managing Costing in ONGC” by the Group President (Finance) of the Hinduja Group tomorrow. Well, well, I think I’ve had just a wee bit of too much costing for one day.

Cost-allocatedly yours…………….Jamster


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