IRIS – Be there or be square !!!

Well it’s that time of the year when IIM Indore comes alive again (not that it’s dormant or anything like that during the rest of the year!!). It is IRIS time again. IRIS, the management festival is the flagship event of IIM Indore, or like In-Form, the Media Committee likes to call it, “IRIS is the window through which the world views IIM Indore”.

This year IRIS has gone online big time. What with the first ever online insurance game, Insuris, among all B School fests and prizes galore totaling approximately Rs 600,000, IRIS promises to be a gala event. So guys and gals, please mark November 4-7, 2004 in your calendars. Coz if you ain’t here on those days, you’re just missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime to win some awesome prizes and a never-again experience.

The website is Please go through the same for further details regarding the phenomenon that is IRIS 2004.



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