Of Biriyanis and Operations Management

First of all we are expected to go through 90 odd pages of introductory chapters on Operations Management and to add to that, we’re actually supposed to identify Operations Management issues in a small hole-in-the-wall kind of establishment which supposedly sells the best biryani in the whole of Kerala.

One reason why I enjoyed doing this particular case is the fact that I’ve actually been to Rahmuthullah in Matanchery in Kochi, Kerala. And I vouch for the fact that he arguably serves the best chicken biryani that I’ve ever had. And therefore, I didn’t mind suggesting some operational changes, but then, who’s actually gonna go out there and suggest these changes.

In any case, looking forward to the first session of Operations Management. From the readings, it seems like an interesting subject. Hopefully, the faculty makes it a little more engrossing and adds some value to the discussions in the class.

Operationally yours…………………..Jamster


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