My first brush with Operations Management

As I had posted earlier, we had our first OM session today and I was expecting quite a bit from the Professor and the subject in general. Well, the subject did not disappoint me too much, however, the same cannot be said about the instructor. But then, that is another story, and I’ll save it for another day.

Little did I realise that as an OM student, I could be of substantial help to Rahmuthullah and his lovely biryanis. The fact that he operates out of a hole-in-the-wall was what I thought his USP was, but then, as it turns out, this could actually work out against him in the long run. The fact that he probably makes the tastiest biryani in the whole of Kerala is simply just not enough unless he comes up with innovative ideas as regards how he keeps the secret recipe flowing down the generations to come, and how he packages his product and services.

All of the above jargon, concepts and ideas are flowing as a result of a cursory glance at the first 90 odd pages of the OM book and the discussion in the class today. I wonder what suggestions Rahmuthullah would end up by the time I’m done with OM1 in 24 sessions.

Once again operationally yours………………………..Jamster


One thought on “My first brush with Operations Management

  1. Hey Jam… checked your comment on my blog.. thnks:)Btw, about OM, we have this awesome prof Saji Gopinath, and I thought he was a visiting faculty at Indore too. And how abt ur summers process? started?

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