Four dosas, one kulfi and a Ferris wheel

The good thing about hostel life is the fact that most of the activities that happen here is quite unplanned and end up being memorable experiences. Well, today was one such day. What was initially planned to be a visit to an eye clinic to check on the status of my eye ulcers and a trip to Ramesh’s hand cart for authentic South Indian dosas turned out to be a lot more.

First of all we left a wee bit too late to make it to the eye clinic. So there we were, eight of us at Ramesh’s hand cart. We first had our mandatory share of three to four dosas each and suddenly we notice a mini-Ferris wheel right beside the stall. Three of us, Senthil, Ajay and myself decide that it’s been way too long since we’ve enjoyed a spin on one of these dangerous contraptions. For Rs 5 a piece, the Ferris wheel is awesome value for money. Once we got out of that, we see a shooting range with balloons and we decided to try our luck at that. However, for reasons best known to the stall owner we were unable to do anything to those balloons other than just look at them through the sights of the rifle. In any case, it was quite some fun imagining ourselves to be riflemen.

As usual the ride back was quite good with the chilly October wind running through our hair, in my case, above the cap !!!. All said and done, it was quite a nice unplanned picnic. Looking forward to the next unplanned one.

Crazily yours……………..Jamster


2 thoughts on “Four dosas, one kulfi and a Ferris wheel

  1. dei vetti u left out the great trap shooter in ur posts da .. the excellent run that i had with the pistol on the skeet shooting range u havent mentioned da..cheersvenkatthe bounty hunter..just because i shoot it doesnt mean that i am made of bullets :):)

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