Financial troubles

I never thought I would have to discuss my financial troubles on a forum as public as this, but then I guess life has its own way of bringing things in order. Here goes:

First of all, let me start off at the very beginning. At the outset, concepts such as Financial Analysis are quite subjective and depend solely on the interpretation of the person who reads the statements. While a Current Ratio of 1.33 might be good for me, it might be horrendous to someone else. In such a subjective scenario, how does one convince the party at the other end that hello, there is some merit to my argument also ? More so, when the other guy is among the more stubborn guys around.

To add to my misery, questions in quizzes are as vague as vague can get. A set of 6 figures like COGS, Net assets, Current assets, blah blah are thrust in front of you along with the mandatory quota of 6-7 ratios and we are expected to bring out 7 more figures such as Inventory, Debt, Equity and its cousins out of thin air. Man, the Finance quiz today was one major exercise in astronomy (star gazing, for the uninitiated).

Maybe it’s high time I start evaluating alternative career options.



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