Dhool kalapittai

First things first, the title is Tamil and it loosely means “A job well done!!!”. The reference to the usage is the fact that today was a relatively off-day in the sense that our sessions tomorrow are not taxing and therefore, we are having a well-deserved half-a-day off.

We’ve got one session of Quant Tech 2 for which no preparation is warranted either from the participants or the instructor. Then we have Oper Mgm 2, which has a 2 session case, which the instructor was sweet enough to finish off in the first session. The only session for which we have to put in some ‘marginal’ preparation is the Man Acc 2 session which has some jargon relating to ‘differential costs’ and the like. That can be done later on in the night, I think.

And therefore, am going to watch “Dhool” starring ‘Cheeyan’ Vikram and Jyothika. It is an amazing movie with good re-view value. If I remember rite, this is probably the third or fourth time I’m gonna be watching it. And I’m sure I’ll enjoy it as much as I did the previous times.



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