Dum dum dum

For the uninitiated, that is the primary sound made by the Thavil, the main musical instrument that is played at most Tamil weddings. That also is the name of the movie in which Madhavan and Jyothika have put in memorable performances (at least as per my standards).

First of all, the movie has such an uncomplicated plot and its storyline is as crystal clear as the early morning dew on a lotus leaf. Further, the movie does not include any usual masala ingredients like fights, group dances, etc.

It is a simple love story which starts off on a kind of wrong foot kind of situation. The story revolves around how Maddy and Jo get back together after a considerable amount of travails.

The main reason I like the movie is simply because of the fact that Maddy and Jo, both of them have the boy/girl next door kind of characters which everyone can easily identify with. And the fact that their friendship which develops into love is a concept that I am absolutely fascinated with.

All in all, a night well spent, watching DUM DUM DUM in Arun’s room.


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