Lessons in humility

If any of you ever want some sound advice on what not to do in life in general, and at a B School in particular, you can always learn from yours truly.

First of all one must never ever walk around professing his knowledge if he/she doesn’t have the capabilities to prove his skills. Secondly, always take all the knowledge you have with a strong pinch of salt coz you never know as to when the same will be tested and you’ll be found wanting big-time.

Thankfully, I have a decent group of friends upon whose shoulders I can probably lean upon and look for a decent amount of support, at least in terms of academics. In case I didn’t have that too, I really dunno what other outlet I would’ve had to vent out my frustrations.

At least these guys don’t make it a point to constantly keep reminding me of all the jibes that I’ve probably taken at all of them out of sheer cockiness. My ambitious proclamations that I know Finance and Economics and whatever else have all been debunked and that too in a manner which was absolutely pride-shattering to say the least.

End result of all this being that I am a more humble person who probably realizes that his mouth and his jibes are going to be the end of him. Going forward I will probably think more than twice before even opening my mouth to say anything or to profess any knowledge.

Life sure has its own way of evening out things and showing people their rightful places. And in my case, it is among the ‘bottom-feeders’.



One thought on “Lessons in humility

  1. True Jam. True to the hilt. Life has its own way of teaching lessons. Im definitely more humble now. All complacency and over-confidence has been shattered left and right.

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