Democracy, what, where !!!

Here’s some food for thought. Should people in authority be allowed to use anything they receive in their official capacity to further their personal gains? Ha ha, being in a country like India, I guess it’s completely irrelevant asking this question.

Haven’t we all heard stories about our Sarkari Babus shamelessly furthering their personal gains at the cost of their official duties and more importantly at the cost of the very people who put them in these official positions in the first place.

I guess we Indians completely forget the meaning of democracy as it was envisaged in the first place. In my opinion, democracy places an onerous task on the elected representatives. They not only have to ensure that they represent the greater interests of the people who they represent, but they also have to present their views and perform their official duties in an absolutely transparent manner.

In case, they slip up on even a minor issue, the public scrutiny is so minute that these people don’t even stand a chance of trying to defend themselves. Well, I guess that’s just the way democracy works. And any system that makes a conscious choice of having a democracy, had better wake up to the realities.

In a true democracy, the people have the power to unceremoniously kick out elected representatives in case they have been found to further personal gains at the cost of the remaining people, or have been found to slip up on their official duties.

So India, are you listening? It’s high time we woke up and smelt the coffee!!!!



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