Quantitative Techniques and lessons in management

Today was probably my first real live exercise in ‘management of scarce resources’. My travails with Quant Techniques have been well documented in the past. Today was the first official quiz of QT 2 and not surprisingly, most of my time was spent ‘star gazing’ at the various facts and figures, courtesy Ken Black and WSE Publications.

However, since academically things had reached a stage that I had to score some marks, and get some numbers behind my name, I decided to get some myself by ‘hook or crook’.

Went along with the ‘hook’ idea some time and did put in some genuine efforts, both back at my room and in the quiz. However, at the end of some 15 odd minutes of pains, I realized that ‘crook’ was the way to go.

Enter ‘Setu’. He apparently knows his Quant decently. Therefore, the remaining 5 minutes were spent carefully scrutinizing his papers, in terms of comparision of the MCQs and getting the last sum right. Hopefully, my ‘management skills’ pull me through this one.



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