The day/night so far

Now that I’ve finished critically analyzing the Blair Water Purifiers case with regard to the marketing strategy proposed to be followed in the marketing of Delight in the nascent Indian market for water purifiers, I have reached the conclusion that the proposed strategy is ‘water-tight’ in that it considers all the various aspects of the product, price, place and promotion mix of the product.

I still have to read Chapter 5 of Daft and go on to read the HBR case of ………….., well, I actually don’t even know what case I’ve to prepare for the BTO session tomorrow. Time will tell whether I’ll be adequately prepared for the same or otherwise.

And our beloved Finance instructor has given us overwhelming instructions regarding tomorrow’s session in which he proposes to manage the credit policy in order to add shareholder value. Whoa, big words, which are Greek and Latin to me right now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make sense of the above concept sometime in the next 4 hours or so.

As usual loooong nite ahead of me. Cheers………………..Jamster


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