Of haircuts and Indore

Another trip into Indore and my belief that South Indian cities are far more developed than cities in North India has been verified yet again. Something as simple as a Barber is so hard to find in Indore that it is quite maddening. More so, when this city is called the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.

And even when one does find a barber, and you know to converse in Hindi, it’s simply impossible to make these guys understand what you want them to do with your hair.

So, there we were Govar, Prakash, Arvind and me, biking down into Indore city in search of a decent barber, who would ensure that only our hair was cut with our ears left untouched. As luck would have it, the first place we stopped at had only one barber. Prakash volunteered to get his hair cut first and found the hard way that it was the wrong place to get it done.

Once the barber had finished his handiwork on Prakash, we moved along another 6 kms and found a decent enough barber. Wasn’t very impressed with his skills, but then it was much better than where Prakash lost his lovely hair.

As has become our custom whenever we go into city, a brief stop over at Ramesh’s Dosa Stall, two dosas down, we were back on our way to the campus.

Got another long nite ahead of me, with Macroeconomics beckoning my attentions. Cheers…………………Jamster


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