Dry runs, debates and the like

Am done with my usual quota of Chai, Meggi and ‘vetti pechu’, ie, bullshit talk for the day. Just returned from my fave hang-out place in campus, the mess.

Today the buzz was regarding the dry runs of ‘Fix the mix’, ‘In-vested Interests’ and ‘In-suris’, all important components of the phenomenon that IRIS 2004 promises to be. Most of these games apparently went thru with minor hitches, and that is good news, especially considering that not much time is left for IRIS to descend upon Indore.

Another interesting event of the day was the debate organized by the MediaCom, the topic being ‘Outsourcing – the origin of the urban illiterate’. Venky, Ashwin and Chandoo did their part and contributed to the heated arguments that were happening there. We’ll know the results of the debate tomorrow and maybe reach a conclusion as to whether outsourcing is a boon or a bane.

As usual, I have my regular quota of cramming which needs to be done. The usual backlog of yesterday and earlier days needs to be covered. So God help me and my efforts to get some worthwhile numbers behind my name.



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