Of ghosts and ghost stories !!!

We’ve all heard ghost stories, but then each story has its own twist. IIM Indore too has its own stories to tell.

The story begins with how the hill that we are situated upon once used to be a Tuberculosis Hospital. Considering the social stigma that was usually attached to this disease, it goes without saying that this part of Indore used to be quite secluded and cut-off until probably a few years ago. In addition to the hospital, we are supposed to have had a mortuary up on this hill. This was mainly used to ‘store’ the corpses of the dead TB patients.

Added to this we’ve also got an interesting shrine on campus. Now, this shrine is supposed to be very powerful. Logistically this shrine is located pretty much on the highest point of the campus and one generally has to climb more than just a few stairs to get to this shrine.

Now that the locational background has been provided, it’s time for the old wives’ yarns to begin. Now since this shrine is so powerful, most of the patients who were admitted here have tried climbing up the hill to visit the shrine. However, more than just a few have literally died trying and it is their spirits which are roaming the serene surroundings of our campus. Added to this is the fact that the supposed mortuary has not been demolished. There is a building with dense undergrowth where the mortuary was supposedly located.

The fact remains that this story will not send shivers up your spine when you read it. But then, come on campus, see the shrine and the ramshackle building and I’m willing to bet that even the most skeptical person will think twice about ghosts and ghost stories.

Cheers for the Halloween season…………………Jamster


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