Musical FX

It’s a well known fact that music does have an effect (good or otherwise on people). With me, the fact that I enjoy most kinds of music has always been a boon. Right from classical Carnatic to the rap of 50 cent, everything sounds just about right for me.

Well, the main motivation behind this blog is the fact that one of my neighbors was playing the lilting tune of the soundtrack of Kal Ho Na Ho. If you’ve actually heard this piece of instrumental genius, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

This instrumental piece has the ability to make even the most practical of persons feel nostalgic and stand back and think awhile about things gone by. It starts with the subtle beats of a heart beating away and moves on to slowly waft your senses into memories.

The fact that I had just napped probably made my mood all the more nostalgic. Added to this was the awesome clarity of Winamp 3 coupled with DFX 7 for Winamp which ensures that not even a single beat is distorted.

I was taken back to Bangalore and things that I love the most, like long walks with the early morning dew in my head, the company of old friends like Ganesh and Paddy, the hot morning coffee which Amma used to give, the stupid fights over the newspaper with Appa and more such things. Wow, one soundtrack and so many memories!!!!

Long live music and long live musicians who create melodies out of sheer sounds and noises.



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