Guest talks – CEO Series

Continuing with the CEO series of Guest talks, and as part of IRIS 2004, we had Mr Gunit Chadha, MD-CEO of Deutsche Bank India at Indore today. And although it looked like he didn’t have a clear agenda for his talk today, he more than managed to convey his message loud and clear.

He mainly focused on the importance of governance (both corporate as well as personal) and ethics in corporate life. He dwelt upon a few incidents and anecdotes from his life where his personal values, and ethical standards were brought into play and how he dealt with such situations.

He is a self-proclaimed tyrant when it comes to enforcing governance and ethics in all the organizations that he has represented in his professional life so far. And his passion for that particular area came through to the audience admirably.

Some of the key take-aways from the Guest talk were

Always set yourself high standards of personal values and ethics and do not compromise on them at any cost.

Keep dreaming and always dream big.

The real successful people are those who ensure that people around them are benefited by their skills, abilities and knowledge.

An absolutely awesome way to start off a Sunday.

Signing off………………….Jamster


One thought on “Guest talks – CEO Series

  1. well dun totally agree with u jam… if he so righteouly speaks of 99% truth.. why could it not be that the other guy wh was fiured had erred in that 1% leverage that chadha gives for himeselfand second if that guy so mush so speaks of dreaming big, wherein the hell has he not gone to open up something on his own, rather than siclkin it up with dutsche.. jus my thoughts venkat

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