The festival of lights, and associated memories

Today was one of those days that I was transported back to my wonderful childhood days. Not that my teenage years were not equally as good or nowadays, ie, my youth is any different. I’m referring to my childhood days as wonderful for the simple reason that these were days where my innocence and lust for fun and games overruled everything else. But then, this is not a post about how I spent most of my childhood. I can probably post about that sometime later.

The only reason that memories of my childhood came flooding back to me is the simple fact that tomorrow is Diwali and all my childhood Diwalis were awesomely special to me. Amma used to wake me up early in the morning and after the mandatory oil-bath (a laborious affair, which involved sitting with oil all over your body for around an hour, and lots of shikakai powder and really hot water), some awesome sweets for breakfast, the entire day was spent in celebrating Diwali in various ways which included bursting crackers with friends, family, visiting favorite uncles and aunts, hosting family friends, etc.

Well, tomorrow is Diwali. And the first indication that it was so came down straight from the heavens. Just five minutes before our mandatory quota of surprise quizzes in Quant Techniques and Macroeconomics, the heavens opened up. We were witness to what I could call the most stunning display of wind-power and hailstorm that I’ve seen in recent times.

The fact that most Diwalis in Bangalore are wet ones, in terms of the pre-Diwali rains, brought back some wonderful memories. So here’s wishing all you folks and all your wonderful families a HAPPY DIWALI !!

By the way, I still am trying my luck at being the best Indian Business School blog.



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