IIM Indore explodes !!!

Back here at IIM Indore, we believe in doing things in a big way. First, it was Janmashtami, and today it was Diwali. We started off with all of us PGP participants, around 240 in all assembling in the B Block Common Room and sang bhajans and took Arthi of Lakshmi Maa. And then after the mandatory Mithai distribution, we were off to the semi-circle in front of the mess.

That was when Diwali began in real earnest. What started off with a 1,000 wala sparked off wild celebrations with all sorts of crackers going off in all directions. The spirit was infectious and everyone was just sucked into the celebrations. Even the most studious of guys who were busy with a Marketing submission were brought out of their rooms into the open and were part of the gala event.

After a sumptuous dinner, we had a nice lil game of Housie. And then some of us had some impromptu photo sessions. I’ll probably post those photos later. Some of them are outright hilarious.

If you wanna celebrate any festival, you now know that you don’t have to look any further than IIM Indore. Cheers……….Jamster


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