Cracking CAT 2003 – a different perspective

People, the following is a poem by a good friend and batchmate of mine, Kaushik Ray where he relives his CAT 2003 experiences:


As days have flown and months have passed, And we chosen few with a touch of Midas, land up in a place which we call home, it’s time to let our memories roam, To the events that unfolded in last time’s CAT. Let’s sit back, read, relive and relax.

The day before was Valentine,

Your state might be the same as mine,

Of lesser interest were movies and date

As mind went back to next day’s Fate.

The night before I could not sleep,

Thrice got up, went for a pee,

When finally dozed off, in dream everyone came

From ghost to angel to lucky dame.

Got up and felt like I hadn’t slept at all

Questioned my exam strategy while answering nature’s call

Good luck phones were a pain in the a**

Why can’t people just let me relax?

Hurried off to the centre one of those old schools

Paan-faced teachers, creaking doors and dirty loos

Glanced around ,for a dekko ,with fag in hand

Felt relieved ,everyone was in the same Uncertain Land.

Took my seat well in advance,

And there she came ,gave me a suggestive glance

With a seductive pout and rosy cheeks

I felt my pulse rise up and heart skip a beat

To my hearts content, her seat was next to mine

I conveniently forgot CAT

planned for date and dine

Initially, tried to concentrate ,but lost out tame

Men being men – the more they change

the more they remain the same!

(Data) interpretation was not the same,

(Reading) comprehension was a different ball game

Her facts and figures attracted me more

CAT can wait, there’s always November 2004!

Some time elapsed before I had a brain wave

Why let months of effort and labour be a waste?

These pretty young things will come and go

If I get hooked to them ,I am status quo.

‘Tis I felt and got back with full gusto

Came back knocking on Destiny’s door

The rest, as they say is History

We all cracked CAT on 15 th of February!!

Kaushik sure has his way with words!!!!



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