Anticipatory Class Participation !!!!

Since the concept of ‘Class Participation’ is quite clear in the minds of all B-Schoolers by now, we don’t care too much for it nowadays. It’s kind of become part of our lives now and we have learnt to live with it. But then, life has its own ways of throwing up surprises once in a while every now and then.

Cut to MAC II Session 18 where we were discussing the problems with the budgets of a concern of no particular interest. Our good ol’ friend Krishnan (‘Kicha’ for short) puts his hand up.

He goes on for around 90 odd seconds explaining as to how one particular aspect of the budget should be modified so as to reflect a truer picture of things. The remaining 50 odd busy-bodies in class assume Kicha has gone through the case and is making a valid point. It’s an entirely different issue altogether that none of the others have actually bothered to even touch the MAC spiral, let alone go through the relevant case.

Well, things moved on with the Prof agreeing to whatever Kicha had to say. Around five minutes later, Kicha again puts his hand up and states – “First of all I’d like to apologise. I thought we were discussing —– case and made my point based on my readings of that.” He’d goofed up and read the case for tomorrow’s class.

That statement made us all sit up and take notice of the fact that maybe even the Prof is not quite completely sure of what’s happening in class. Well, in any case, that was quite the genesis of the term “Anticipatory Class Participation”. Only time will tell whether this artistic form of CP shall persist.



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